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Creating creative events in Denmark

Get The Event is a event platform. We are creating international innovative events in Copenhagen ourselves and we are helping others in creating their events.

Join our family right here:

What we do?

  • Innovative: We are creating events ourselves. We want to create something special no matter who our guests is and what the occasion is. Right now we are creating events for internationals suited in Copenhagen. It is open parties where cool people can meet and have fun.
  • Theme: We want to be creative no matter the setup. A event should not be the same as the last one. We want to create theme parties where people can dress up and experience a night as an adventure. The theme itself could be anything.
  • Unique: Our mission is to host some brilliant and unique events which people love. The vibe is good and the atmosphere is awesome. No hard feelings, just beautiful people celebrating life.
  • Fun: Everything has to be fun. If it isn't fun, why do it? Life should be fun. Our mission is to get you to smile no matter who you are. Chill, smile and be happy.
  • Helping others in getting the event: How can we help you? We collaborate with a lot of great event freelancers. Are you looking for a: DJ, Bartender, Waiter, Photographer, Host, Chef, Musician or just the right location? We can help you find the right people to take your event to the next level.

Our first open international event is already right here. Feel free to attend:

The Masquerade Ball - Events in Copenhagen:

Party Entertainment

We can get you the event!

Looking for the best party entertainment? Get The Event delivers exactly the entertainment you have in mind. We can get you the event. No matter what kind of event it is, we surely knows how to make it a unique one of its kind. Please contact us if you need to hold an event. We can get you the best package deal. With all our great event freelancers we can get you a package that matches exactly your event, your expectations and your budget.

What can we do?

  • Office Party
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Confirmation
  • Student Party
  • Conference
  • Stag
  • Private Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • Team Building Event
  • Course

The best entertainment for a party:

We have the best party entertainment at Get The Event. Why? Because we have huge experience in arranging events and knows what works. We have also made deals with a lot of great event freelancers who can deliver the entertainment that we can't do ourselves.

Our entertainment products:

We have a lot of different products. Each of them can make your party more fun and unique. Your guests will enjoy themselves and have the best time if you book the party entertainment through us. We have a lot of experience and know how to lift up an arrangement so that everything is progressing as desired. We will make sure that we meet your expectations and surprise your guests in the best way. Get the event knows how to get you the event.

Cocktail Bar:

  • Cocktail Bartender
  • Flair Bartender
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Cocktail Course


  • DJ
  • Band

Underholdning til fest - Den bedste festunderholdning

The Company Event

We give you the best deal!

Are you arranging a party or a event for your company? Let us help you. We can take care of all the practical stuff and all the party entertainment. You just have to relax and invite all your co-workers.

Why you should choose us for your Company Event?

  • We have excellent references: We have been arranging events for NovoZymes, Danske Bank, Nordea, Jyske Bank, Rigshospitalet and so on.
  • We know how to get the event: As mentioned we have great references. Meaning that we have done it many times before. No matter the setup and the size of your event we can deliver and suceed.
  • The best package deal: If you book everything through us then we can guarentee that you will get the best deal. We collaborate with some outstanding partners who knows how to put a great event together.
  • Top communication: You don't have to speak to a lot of different people in order to make sure everything is set. We handle everything and you just have to speak to one of our managers. They will make sure that the process will run smoothly and that the event will be outstanding.
  • Unique Event: Life is about unique moments. We will create just that by for example design special cocktails and a menu which match your needs and preferences.
  • Amazing atmosphere: When you have a company event the atmosphere among the crowd is the most important. Our service is on top and our smiles are set. It's important for us that we create exactly the nice atmosphere you want for your event.


Events in Copenhagen

Creating creative and open events for you!

Here you can see our own cool events in Copenhagen. These events are open and you are more than welcome to join. Cheers!

Events in Copenhagen:

Here you can see when and where our next event will take place.

May 2018



Creative and cool events in Copenhagen!


Why should you join?

  • Cheap and great cocktails: The Cocktail Bar we setup is not very expensive. We charge 60 DKK for a nice cocktail and 30 DKK for a beer. The standard cocktail price in Copenhagen is around 90-100 DKK. We try to make new intelligent and good cocktails. If you have any suggestions or favourites just let us know and we will do everything we can to put them on our menu.
  • Beautiful and cool people: Join our events and make new friends. The people who swing by our events are in general nice and openminded. Most of them are internationals located in Copenhagen. Either they are working or studying in the city. Being an expat meaning that you have to be open and friendly to everyone around you. We are setting up the perfect place for you to do just that. Be the best version of yourself and our events will be exactly the place you have been missing.
  • Good vibe: One of our great cocktail bartenders will be in charge behind the bar. He will serve you craft cocktails with a smile. The vibe can only be good after you drink one of our cocktails. We will be as service minded as even possible and listen to your needs and feedback. Together we will grow.
  • Celebrate life: We are creating these events because we want to celebrate life with you. Life is short. Let's create the moments that we will remember. And let's create them together.
  • The community: Our events and the people attending is a community. That means that you can contribute as much as you want to. It's simple. You are as responsible as you want to be. If you think something is missing or you don't like the way the event is going forward, then stand up and say something. Democracy all the way. Your opinion is valued and appreciated.

Events in Copenhagen

Freelance Event Staff

We collaborate with all kind of event freelancers in Denmark.

Freelance Event Staff: 

We have great professional freelancers in all these groups ready to work hard and make sure you get the event.

  • Cocktail Bartender
  • DJ
  • Chef
  • Locations
  • Waiter
  • Musician
  • Event Manager
  • Security
  • Host
  • Guide
  • Comedian
  • Dishwasher

Freelance Event Staff - Get The Event

Cocktail Bartender

We have many great freelance cocktail bartenders that we collaborate with.

Why you need a Cocktail Bartender?

  • They can design amazing drinks for your event.
  • You get a unique and special atmosphere with a cocktail bar at your party.
  • You don't have to worry about the guests mood. After a nice cocktail the good vibe is automatically there.


Flair Bartender

They know how to get the party started!

We have just got some of the best danish Flair Bartenders in our database. Meaning that you can book them through us either in a great event package or just hire one of the bartenders.

Why you need a Flair Bartender?

  • The unique show: It's an amazing show. And believe me they know how to get the party started. Our Flair Bartenders are some of the best in Denmark. They have performed many times before and knows the drill. New awesome moves, a little dance or music chosen for the special occasion. Improvisation is one of their tools our bartenders are using to make the show match the moment.
  • The perfect party entertainment: A Flair Bartender knows how to start a good party. No matter if it's a birthday, private party or a company event they will set the party and create a good feeling all around.
  • A great experience: You and your guests get a unique experience. "Wauw" or "Amazing" will be the words that comes out from your guests if you book a Flair Bartender.
  • Cocktails as a extra spin: Under the outstanding show the bartenders will create cocktails. That means that you not only get to watch some cool moves, you also get a drink afterwards. Cheers for that.

Lej en Flair Bartender til Fest - Den bedste festunderholdning

Mobile Cocktail Bar

The best entertainment for your event

If you have the budget for it then we recommend that you book our Mobile Cocktail Bar. Then we are in charge of all the ingredients and the bar equipments.

Why you need a Mobile Cocktail Bar?

  • Everything will run smoother: If you book our Cocktail Bar then we will bring everything needed for setting up a nice and elegant cocktail bar. We are professionals and we have done it many times before. Meaning that the process and your event will run smoother if we are in charge.
  • Your guests will get a better experience: Your guests will definitely feel that everything is being handled and they are being taking care of.
  • The Cocktails will taste better: Why? Well, because we can get better products than private persons can. We have connections to some of the best rums for example. By letting us handle all the ingredients you will get better and other exciting products.
  • No stress. If you book our great Mobile Cocktail Bar then you don't have to focus on anything else than your guests. You don't have to spend hours in the super market trying to find the right products. You can focus on the things you do the best and let us handle the rest.

Cocktail Bar


We collaborate with many DJ's located in different cities in Denmark.

Why you should book a DJ for your party?

  • We guarentee that your guests will dance and have lots of fun
  • Your party will be more outstanding
  • The music and atmosphere will be in top
  • People will not be bored
  • Ankward silent moments will not exist at your event

Book a DJ - Event Bureau in Copenhagen

Location in Copenhagen

We have made a deals with some of the coolest locations in Copenhagen. Contact us if you want to have a look at them.

Why you should book your location through us?

  • We can offer you a better prize.
  • Locations matching your budget.
  • A package deal with for example a cocktail bartender, waiter or a DJ.

Location in Copenhagen:

Here is an example one highclass location in Copenhagen that we collaborate with.

Location in Copenhagen - Get The Event Bureau


The best service for your guests

We have a lot of great waiters/waitresses in our database. They are all ready to work hard for you.

Why you need a waiter at your event?

  • The smoothly process: Everything will run smoothly and you will be able to focus on your guests instead of handle all the boring and hard work.
  • Extraordinary event: Your guests deserves the best so why not give them a service they will remember. You will stand out as a person who cares about your guests and that you have everything under control.
  • No stress: If you book a waiter or two from us then you can relax and be the great host while we do the hard work. We handle all the practical stuff so you can be the best version of yourself that people love.
  • The best service: Our waiters will make sure you and your guests will get the best service. Your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed and so should you.
  • In good hands: We are a team of waiters with great experience from some of the best places in Copenhagen (for example Moltkes Palæ and D'Angleterre).


We have the most service minded people in our database. All of them are ready to work hard for making your event outstanding. Book them by contacting us on our email Contact@GetTheEvent.com.


Private chef

Delicious food for your party

We have several professional chefs that we collaborate with. That means that we can get you a great deal if you book them through us.

Why you should Book a Private Chef for your party?

  • A extraordinary experience: It's not just a better meal. You will feel special and so will your guests. Our private chefs knows what they are doing and they will surely give you the best gastronomy experience you can imagine. Why not try to feel like a king at your own event? Booking a chef will get you close to that feeling.
  • A meal that you will remember: A private chef knows how to create a remarkable dish. He can make something that matches your event, taste and the whether on the specific day.
  • Happier guests: Your guests will truely value that you have booked a chef for your event. They will feel that you care about them and that you want the best for each of them. You are just a happier person when you aren't hungry. Instead you and your guests will be not just satisfied but happy after a amazing taste experience.



The best Catering for your party

If you can't afford a private chef then this is the solution for you. We will bring you the greatest food ready to be served for your guests. Easy Peasy.

Why Catering should be your solution?

  • Easy to handle: We bring you the dishes ready to be served for your guests. You don't have to time everything or be a chef yourself.
  • A great meal at a low price: If you count in the hours you would have spend preparing a great meal and the hours in the shopping mall then I think we can agree that it's worth ordering catering for your event.
  • Happier guests: Your guests will feel appreciated and valued. You are just a happier person when you aren't hungry but satisfied instead.


Event Partners

Our event network is huge. We know how to get the event no matter the setup, budget, amount of guests. However we couldn't do it without all our great event collaborations.

Event Partners:

It's important to have the right collaborations and partnerships. We have that. Here is links to all our amazing event partners:

Cocktail Bartender og Cocktail Kursus:



Event Platform:

Luxury spirits and alcohol:

Event Bureau:

Event Partnere - Get The Event

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Event Competition Winners:

Here we gladly announce the event competition winners for our Godfather Party the 29th March.

Winners of extra tickets are:

Winning an extra ticket meaning that you can bring a friend to the party for free. You just have to tell us the full name of your guest. Cheers.


  • Nidal Ben Amor
  • Michael Wurm
  • Charikleia Vagianou
  • Ralitsa Stanimirova
  • Celine Denizot
  • Vinny Vipin Sagar
  • Paolo Marcatili
  • Zita Julia Dosa
  • Veselka Vasileva
  • Verginia Georgieva
  • Pradeep Kushwaha
  • Dimitar Kolev Event Competition Winners

Winners of free tickets

We are launching Facebook competitions where we give away free tickets to our great event:

The Godfather Party in Copenhagen - Facebook Event

If you haven't already you should join our Facebook page. We will launch more competitions there very soon. Get in by liking our page right here:

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  • Emanuela Consortini
  • Siri Albjerg Venning
  • Tyre Helen Loe
  • Massimiliano Fusco
  • Darryn Cleare

We are launching a competition again very soon.

Until then? Cheers!

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